The Weylands are famed for being master craftsmen and druids of great power. Drawing on the power of the land, the Weylands are said to be responsible for creating many of the great relics of myth and legend.

Society and CultureEdit

Weylands live a semi-subterranean existence, with just as many of their dwellings below ground as above. Their greatest city is Ur’Yutani, a huge settlement carved into the slopes of the northern mountains. There, they find many enemies in the form of trolls and dragons, against whom they have made war an almost ritual art-form.

Weylands greatly enjoy working with their hands, and the satisfaction of a job well done. More than any other race, Weylands can be found doing work for nothing more than the feeling of satisfaction that comes from conquering another obstacle. This very practical view towards life often leads Weylands to create and build things on a much grander scale than their other northern relatives. Despite this, they have had little advancement in the way of technology, preferring to use magic to shape their world.

The Weyland view of Nature is a very peculiar one. To them, nature is not an all-powerful force but a vessel and a tool, something that can be mastered and utilized by men for their own benefit. However, like all tools, it must be maintained and cared for lest it become broken and worn away. In this regard they show reverence to nature, though some would see their views as callous and selfish – particularly the other druidic circles of Clador.