A wild country teeming with Fey, Sanhedrin and Men alike make their home here. Mercenary Kings and Bandit Lords battle against wild beasts and each other, searching for untapped resources hidden deep in the territory of savage Fey. To the East lies the lands of the Threllkeld, wild Alfar who make their home in the petrified forests bordering the Black Lands.


Mercenary Kingdoms of DernEdit

The people of Mercenary Kingdom are known as Regdaran, after their first king, Regdar the Nine-Lives, who died when they changed systems. They are believed to be distant relatives of the Durlonds.

Regdarans, like their ancestors, are warriors at heart. All Regdaran people are both warriors and workers, even women and children trained in warfare. Regdaran disputes are often decided by physical challenges or tests of strength.


A massive conglomeration of mountain forts ruled by the ever-squabbling Bandit Kings.

Fool’s KeepEdit

The place the wandering gypsies call ‘home’, Fool’s Keep is a constantly changing and shifting community with few permanent residents. The gypsy residents are the descendants of the Suloise who fled into Clador after the Quickening.

Forests of FirrEdit

Ridiculously thick forest filled with Fey. Very few human residents.


Petrified forests that bear home to the wild painted Alfar.