This wiki is dedicated to collecting and categorizing the details of the Oron Campaign Setting. It includes both fluff and crunch, with setting-specific rules compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The World Of OronEdit

Oron is a scarred and ancient world. Many civilisations have prospered and died amongst its wild environs, and the land bears many grisly testaments to their declines. Here the ground shudders with forgotten magic as long-lost eldritch forces entwine with the savage fey energies of the land itself, like the laboured breathing breathing of a giant beast. Tremendous fae monoliths stand visible against the horizon, living biomes as tall as mountains, while primal spirits haunt the wilderness below. In walled-off cities and strongholds do the civilised races thrive, protected against the savage wilderness by stone and iron. A new era has dawned: The rule of the Sanhedrin and Alfar has come to an end, and the time of man has begun.

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Histories - An overview of the history of Tierra Verde, according to Vergil Apollinius

Humanoids - A look at some of the humanoid races, including some of the more monstrous ones like Syrictae and Trolls.

History of Gameplay - A retrospective of the events that have occured over the course of the Stormlord campaign.


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