Necromancy in OronEdit

Unlike in many other settings, necromancy is not viewed as inherently evil in Oron.

However, the laundry-list of accompanying crimes that are associated with it (Such as murder, graverobbing, desecration and insurrection) have caused it to be frowned upon and heavily regulated in most civilized societies. Most often, it is usually only seen in a religious context where undead are created as guardians for holy sites and tombs by ordained officials.

The creation of intelligent undead such as ghouls, vampires or wights is always seen as a crime, as such creatures are actively malevolent and harmful to society. Similarly, reanimating the corpse of a humanoid without permission from them (obtained prior to death) or their family is seen as a gross violation of rights and akin to slavery or kidnapping.

In the Sovereign Nation of Sin however, the practice of necromancy has been embraced in order to create a booming necro-economy. Bonesmiths form the nation's backbone, providing tireless builders, servants and beasts of burden to push Sin into the future.

Necromancy and DeitiesEdit

Achaea (Ephemeral Queen): One of the Elder Deities, she is the goddess of both life and death. She oversees the flow of souls into and out of Oron. Undead would be spectral and almost wraith-like.

Grimnir (The Gallows-King): An ancient and cruel deity of travel and death. It is said that his laughter can be heard above battlefields where much blood was spilled. He'd have stock-standard undead.

Kleitos (Jailer of Gods): The war god Kleitos is a vicious tyrant who values skill in both body and mind. He is the warden of Hell, and is responsible for making sure that no prisoners escape it. Undead would be shackled slave-like creatures bound by sorcerous iron. 

Moloch (The All-Consuming): Moloch is a primal deity of power and blood-sacrifice. Undead would often be twisted and somewhat bestial, with animal offerings incorporated into their body.

Siphus (The Farseer): An ascended mortal wizard, Siphus is the god of Magic. His ambition has led to his imprisonment in Hell by the god Kleitos, but he still retains his borrowed divine essence. Undead would be very well-maintained and formally dressed.

Zubana (The Executioner): Zubana is a god of vengeance and judgement. He punishes those who have broken the law, and delivers swift, brutal justice. Undead would be criminals that have been executed and condemned to an eternity of undead slavery.