Loftus is a small and secluded mountain kingdom in the central-west of Godsward. Consisting of several fortified cities connected by a lattice of mountain trails and bridges, Loftus is a perilous place to live for the inexperienced. Plagued by constant skirmishes against dragons, trolls and other savage creatures (read: Bugbears), the twin cities of Ignis and Lapis have stood against the dangers of the mountains and mastered them.

Loftus is Godsward’s primary supplier of raw ore, jewels and precious metals.

Society and CultureEdit

Noble HousesEdit

House Grendel (Lof)
Motto: “Through dragon’s flame and mountain’s bane”
House emblem/colour: Griffon, Dark Red
Domains: Weather, Ash
The twin cities of Ignis and Lapis are ruled and guarded by House Grendel in a constant battle against the dragons and trolls of the mountains.
These small, clustered cities on the fringes of civilization are best known as a bastion of neutrality. The majority of its inhabitants are involved in mining, and it is considered noteworthy for its unique architecture.