Horses and Ships are what comes to mind when one mentions Levon. Masters of travel on both land and sea, the people of Levon are great pioneers and explorers, having charted far into the western ocean. They have many trade routes in the Krakengard Isles and the Scaled Sea, and their navies often do battle with Seafolk pirates, Aldman raiders and Aegian marines.

Costa Del SolEdit

The Costa Del Sol is often counted as part of Levon, despite being mostly autonomous.

Gulbreeze is the liaison town for Oron City when it breaches on the western coast.

Society and CultureEdit

Levites value personal freedom above all else. They have a strong sense of patriotism and share an unspoken camaraderie with their fellow countrymen, even those they have not met before. Levites enjoy the feel of wind, whether it be from the back of a horse, or the deck of a boat. Levites are often carefree and lose themselves to their senses, taking in the world around them with reckless abandon. Equestrianism is a fond pastime of theirs, and all Levites learn to ride from an early age.

Levites are slim folks with hair ranging from blonde to black, usually worn long for both men and women in a variety of styles.

Noble HousesEdit

House Vayne (Lev)
Motto: “Into the future”
House emblem/colour: A man, pale brown
Domains: Artifice, Water
Veredus… This moderate-sized, prosperous city in the heart of the kingdom is best known as a haven for the arts. The majority of its inhabitants are involved in trade, and it is considered noteworthy for its beautiful central square which was designed by a local wizard, Vergil Apollinius, who is now head librarian and master of the Black University.

House Vitalis (Lev)
Motto: “Death is an illusion”
House emblem/colour: Pearlescent white
Domains: Resurrection, Nightmare
House Vitalis is known as the house of the Living Martyr, holding power over the city of Exanimus in Levon. Resurrection, Nightmare. They are best known for turning away the full might of the armies of the God-King Salvius Drusus Sin in the Battle of the Auroch Plains, a feat which has earned them the respect and admiration of not only their peers, but of the God-King as well.

House Aenus (Lev)
Motto: “Strength in Soul and Body”
House emblem/colour: Pearlescent white
Domains: Animal, Ice
The city of Pyropus was once run by House Aenus. House Aenus has since disappeared into obscurity, following their crushing defeat at the hands of House Anathema. While their forces were spread thin, House Zeromus dealt a pre-emptive strike to Anathema in what would begin the Twilight Wars. Following Anathema’s defeat and withdrawal of outward-bound forces, Pyropus has been left a ghost town, and is now inhabited by wild and savage forces. Bugbears, Gargoyles, Harpies, Trolls and Evil Fey.