The following is a chronological history of events that occurred during the course of the Stormlord campaign.


Template: This is the standard formating of the events.

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Party Members
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Significant Organizations

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PV: Post-Vanishment. This is a version of events that occurred should Tesla have not existed at the time.


Assassin’s Appearance

Lytril, Evi, Alastar, Fishy Joe
Tim Suonegore, Khalid, Sicarius the Six-Eyes
The United Guild of Assassins (UGA)
Ariake Highlands, Enki, the Hidden Shrine

The group track down the man who killed Lytril’s father. Lytril takes his vengeance, but not without a price. As Tim is hurled into the swirling abyss, he launches a desperate attack, causing the temple to fall apart. An already-wounded Lytril leaps in front of Evi to protect her, and is killed by the falling debris. Alastar too suffers great wounds and passes away from his injuries not long after, leaving Evi with his final wish for her to leave Higashi-Rei and return the Durlond Sword.

Journey to the West

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael
Acteon, Caiaphus, Belius, The Miko Twins
HOST/Black Order, Miko
Kazama, the Great Battlefield, Mt Aval

Evi honours Alastar’s final wish, and begins her journey northward towards the treacherous Sanmyaku pass. They join a HOST convoy bearing various passengers, amongst whom are the wizard Tesla and his spritely companion Cael. The convoy faces many perils on its way north, the least of which are the antagonistic Miko twins, and a bond is formed between the warriors.

PV: Cael travels with Belius as his companion.

Trapped in Shiroishi!

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael
Belius, Isembard, Carceval
Black Initiates MK IV
No Man’s Land (Ozu), Shiroishi

Drawn by some unknown call, Evi leaves the convoy in the dead of night, drawn to the ruins of her former home city. The group quickly pursue her, but find themselves in danger when a Blutkrieger appears in the ruined streets. Forced to hide, they barricade themselves in the redcap-infested ruins of Shiroishi castle. In the dungeons, they discover a mute madman with seemingly infinite strength. They try to enlist his aid, but are attacked by a ghostly monster who tears into the man, stealing his strength and his consciousness. When they are finally rescued, they learn that it is nothing more than a happy coincidence as the Initiate’s true objective was to apprehend the prisoner they found, whose name is revealed to be Isembard. He is taken into custody and they return to the camp unharmed.

PV: No significant changes

ALICE - Secret Project Revealed

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael
Gen, Hektor, Ikaros, Cecilia, Fane
HOST/Black Order, Free Agents of the Order
Sanmyaku Pass, ALICE

The group rejoin the convoy and arrive at the treacherous Sanmyaku pass. The presence of the Black Lands is felt even here, as redcaps and other wicked beasts grow more numerous. Their mode of transport across the Black Lands is finally revealed – a colossal crablike construct reassembled by the Order. The group meet Gen, Hektor and Ikaros, the Free Agents in leading the expedition, as well as their bound Redcap guide Fane.

PV: No significant changes

ALICE’s Maiden Voyage

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael
Juden, Evelyn, The Watcher in the Waste
Free Agents of the Order
The Black Lands, the Vampire’s Den

The construct begins its voyage into the Black Lands. Ghostly crows flock to it, silently observing those on board. About a week passes, and the assaults on the construct are turned away with relative ease. They stop outside of a gothic inn in the middle of nowhere. Gen departs, accompanied by some of the group. They discover that the inn is a watering hole for local vampires. Gen meets with a necromancer by the name of Juden. His little girl gives Tesla a hairpin. After a brief discussion, they leave with new bearings.

PV: Juden’s daughter doesn’t give anyone the hairpin.

Bartered Passage

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael
Free Agents of the Order
The Blank, Faelion’s Palace

The construct stops as it reaches a wall of dense fog inhabited by vicious necromentals. Ikaros and the group leave the safety of the construct to barter passage from one of the local undead lords. They fight their way into his palace before finally being subdued by his web golems and brought to his chambers. There they meet the drider pseudolich Faelion, master of rimefire. Before they are killed, however, Ikaros recognizes him as somebody he knew from long ago, and the two share a heartfelt reunion. He grants the construct safe passage, and sends them on their way.

PV: No significant changes

The Dread Captain Grimshaw

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael
Grimshaw, the Great Black One
The Frothing Sea

The construct reaches an enormous salt lake, and demonstrates its amphibious capabilities. While sailing across the lake, they are attacked by the zombie pirate Grimshaw and his crew. As the battle intensifies, the lake suddenly freezes, and a colossal black dragon bursts forth from the depths to join the fray. He is revealed as Grimshaw’s master, and one of the Black Lands’ undead lords. With no other choice, they free Isembard from his bindings and he does battle with the great dragon as the convoy escape into Threllkeld.

PV: No significant changes

Arrival in the Old World; Parting of Ways

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael, Gen
Felgard Outlanders, Scarlet Magi

The construct returns back to land, and is granted a brief reprieve before it is assaulted once more – this time by the Felgard guardians who intend to stop them from entering Clador. The battle is one of necessity, and the Felgard are beaten back before retreating into the bleak wastes once more. Finally, they arrive in Ryedale, where the travellers disembark and begin their journeys on their own. Gen accompanies the group as they head towards the Heim.

PV: No significant changes

Ambush of Fey: Tesla’s Power Unleashed

Evi, Fishy Joe, Tesla, Cael, Gen
The Bacchae
The Forest of Firr, The Road to Heim

The group are harassed by Fey as they travel through the Forest of Firr. After awaking from a night of revelry with the Bacchae, they are overwhelmed and swarmed, many falling in battle as they try to fend off the attacks of the small folk. On the verge of death, Tesla unleashes his most potent spell and fills the forest with lightning. The Fey are routed, but at great price. Two of his comrades, Cael and Fishy Joe, are unable to escape and are consumed by the forest fires that ensue. The survivors are scattered, and wander the wilderness lost and alone. In the chaos, the Durlond blade is lost.

PV: A stray arrow frees a vial of alchemist’s fire from Cael’s pack, igniting the dry brush. The fires sweep up and Cael and Joe are lost in the flames.

Durlond Blade – An Oath Fulfilled

Evi, Gen, Cael
Totil Durlond, Reel Behirsbane, Sirius Durlond
The Durlond Tribe

Evi finds Cael on the brink of death and revives him. The two meet up with Gen meet up and track down the Durlond Blade, only to find it in the hands of Sirius Durlond. While things seem to be as they should be, Gen and Evi are suspicious and decide to investigate. They head to Heim, and talk to the residents.

PV: No significant changes

Dreamscape – First Encounter with Prophet

Prophet, Talbot the Younger
Northern Trail (Malus)

Tesla struggles with his newfound power – his strength has doubled in the last month, and he cannot discern the reason why. He passes out in the rain. In his dreams, he is visited by the giantess known as Prophet, who alludes to his growing power and the fate that awaits him because of it. Before he can learn more, he is revived by Talbot the Younger, who decides to lead him south to Malus.

PV: Talbot heads south, alone.

Fey Below – Conspiracy Revealed

Evi, Gen, Cael
Sirius Durlond
The Tuatha
Heim, The Forest of Firr, Cave of the Ancients

Evi, Cael and Gen discover Sirius’ plan – to use the ancestral Durlond sword to reawaken the Tuatha in an attempt to conquer Clador. The two try to stop him, but he proves too formidable – they must retreat and retrieve help from the Black Order. They head for the nearest garrison, located in Malus City.

PV: No significant changes.

Mohrglenn, Unbridled Fury!

Tesla, Nax
Sir Talbot the Younger
Northern Road (Malus), Mohrglenn

Tesla and Talbot pass Mohrglenn on their journey south. Tesla, recognizing it as his hometown, decides to stop and visit his family. However, he finds it is overrun by vampires, his family missing. In a rage, he is consumed by vast amounts of magical power as he hunts the undead creatures down. He is aided in this endeavour by the town's sole living resident, the crypte-keeper Nax Dalhand. As his anger builds, his control weakens until he can no longer maintain it. Much of the town is destroyed by the blast that emanates from Tesla as he loses it and he is left in a smoking crater. Nax perishes in the blast, and Talbot barely survives. They continue south, and part ways at Malus.

PV: Talbot the Younger passes Mohrglenn and investigates briefly. He meets Nax, who he assumes is the source of the vampires, and after a fierce duel slays him.

Malus City

Evi, Tesla, Haig, Xav, Cael
Kylie, Gen
HOST/Black Order, Eldritch Freedom Fighters, Malus City Government
Malus City, Malus Spire

Tesla arrives in Malus City and meets Evi and Gen, who happen to arrive at a similar time. Evi decides to stay with Tesla for the time being, as Gen attempts to get help from the Black Order in the city. They find board with a mage tailor named Xavier Dalhand, whose practices are being impinged on by the strict regulations on magic being enforced by the government due to a magical accident that occurred in the western quarter, resulting on it being evacuated. They learn of the Eldritch Freedom Fighters, a group of rogue arcanists led by Sarah Walker, who plan to overthrow the current, oppressive government. The group learn that Xavier is a necromancer, and that his manservant Haig is in fact a ghoul. He recognizes her clan symbol and memories flood back into him, revealing his past as a reijin warrior.

The group is swept up in the revolution and things quickly spiral out of control. As the rebellion turns into open battle in the streets, the quarantine around the western quarter is broken, causing the contamination to begin to spread into the rest of the city. Monstrous creatures pour into the streets, causing mayhem and havoc. The Black Order quickly jumps into action – as the Eldritch Freedom Force celebrates their success, an arcane warhead is detonated in the Western quarter. The destruction is immense. Half of the city is consumed by fire, scourging the contamination from the streets along with many innocents. Tesla is blown away by the blast, as is Xavier. Evi shields Haig from the Order’s wrath as they sweep the streets, and he swears an oath of fealty to her. They rejoin with Gen, who has managed to secure the help of the Order. With a few parting words for their lost comrades, they head north once more to confront Sirius, this time with the help of the Order. Disgusted with their actions, Cael agrees to cooperate with the Order only to stop Sirius, and then never again.

PV: Tesla is not present for these events, but they otherwise proceed as normal.

Stormlord Prophecy Revealed


In his dreams, Tesla meets the giantess Prophet once again. This time she explains to him what his powers truly mean – he is to become the Stormlord, a being whose power shall grow so immense that it can destroy all evil and rend the world into pieces – a blank slate from which life can begin anew. He is given a glimpse into the future, and where his path must lead. He awakens in the ruins of the city, shielded by a dome of crackling energy. Rising from the debris, he knows he must head back to Mohrglenn – there he will find his path once again.

Battle for Garamsythe

Evi, Gen, Cael, Haig
Sirius Durlond, Reel Behirsbane, Totil Durlond
Durlond Tribe, HOST/Black Order
Heim, Forest of Firr, Cave of the Ancients

The group, with a squadron of Topaz Knights in tow, head back to Heim to confront Sirius. Here they learn that Reel has led a coup against Sirius’ supposed rule, and started a conflict that has divided the clan. Joining forces with Reel, the combined forces defeat Sirius and his followers and chase him to the Cave of the Ancients where they meet Sirius in a final battle as he attempts to rush the ritual. She group manage to defeat him, but he melds into the shadows and vanishes before the final blow can be struck. The Durlond Blade is retrieved and given to Reel Behirsbane, who becomes the new Chieftain of the Durlond Tribe.

Crypts of Mohrglenn - Dane’s Appearance!

Dane Tesla, Archen, Gunny

Tesla explores the crypts of Mohrglenn. He learns that a nest of vampires has survived, hiding deep within. He goes deeper, eliminating each vampire he meets until he comes across Archen, one of his fathers friends, now a vampire. Archen, knowing he is no match for Tesla, brings forth a giant flesh golem to battle him. The golem is too much for Tesla to handle, but he knows better than to fight it. Avoiding the giant’s blows, he darts past after Archen and destroys him with a burst of lightning. The golem, freed from his servitude, rampages through the tomb but is calmed by Tesla who is able to feed it a stable current. He continues exploring the tomb until he reaches the tomb of his father and brother. At this time he hears his brother’s voice, telling him that his family survived the vampire massacre. His brother challenges him to come to Halifax, where his family now reside. Tesla is filled with resolve and begins his journey westward, his new companion in tow.

Vassal of HOST: Free Agent Evitaerc

Evi, Cael, Haig
Gen, Ankou Morrigan
HOST/Black Order, Free Agents of HOST

Gen offers Evi a position as a Free Agent of Host, which she accepts. She and Cael part ways, and Evi heads to Blackhost together with Haig, and meets the Order’s Supreme Archon - Ankou Morrigan. She is inducted into the Black Order as a Free Agent, and works together with Haig to deal with undead threats and menaces across Godsward.

An Unlikely Ally

Tesla, Twigs, Gunny
Mercer, Fist and Fang, Rozencrantz
Soldiers of Fortune

On his way to Halifax, Tesla is captured by a group of highly-trained mercenaries known as the Soldiers of Fortune. They are led by Mercer, who they later learn was hired by a mysterious man named Rozencrantz. He escapes them with the help of a bandit named Twigs, and the two work together to free Gunny and abscond before the Soldiers of Fortune can gather themselves. Twigs quickly becomes attached to Tesla, seeing him as a good way to keep himself safe and score some loot at the same time. He decides to join him on his journeys, much to Tesla’s dismay.

PV: Twigs tries to escape, but is wounded by Mercer and hunted by Fist and Fang. He narrowly escapes them, but finds his demise at the hands of a wandering Redcap. His soul goes to Acheron.

Family Matters: An Impossible Challenge

Tesla, Twigs, Gunny
Novigen, Dane Tesla

Tesla arrives in Halifax where he is greeted by the half-mad Novigen, who introduces himself as a student of Tesla’s father. He tells him that he is aware of Dane’s trial, and will help Tesla any way he can. They head to an abandoned temple of Frigga, where they finally meet Dane face-to-face, and they discover his status as a fallen angel. He states that because Tesla abandoned his family in his youth he will now be punished by knowing what it feels like to truly lose them. After subjecting him to a number of impossible trials in which his family members are gruesomely killed, Dane reveals that their family was safe all along, and that Novigen was in on it the whole time. Tesla, with a newfound appreciation of the family he almost lost, resolves to protect them and make sure the Stormlord prophecy never comes true.

A Fated Meeting – A Surprise Reunion

Evi, Haig, Fishy Joe
Satomi Hanabiko, Michael
Gnihtemos Clan
Minato, Sozomiru

Whilst on a mission for the Order, Evi and Haig come across Satomi – a ninja of the Gnihtemos clan and her childhood friend. Satomi informs her of urgent news regarding the Imperial Seal, and that she must return to Higashi-Rei. Spurred on by Haig, she reluctantly agrees, and the three return to Higashi-Rei with a Seal of Recall. There she meets the oracle Michael, whose powers of divination reveal the truth of the past: That the Emperor survived the Siege of Shiroishi and escaped to Aldebaran with the seal. She resolves to go to Aldebaran to find the Emperor and the Seal. Satomi heads towards the north to gather the remainders of the Gnihtemos Clan accompanied by Michael, and Evi and Haig head to Minato. There Evi is shocked to find Fishy Joe, who reveals that he did in fact survive the fire in the Forest of Firr, and returned home accompanied by the Order. He offers to help them once more, an offer that they gratefully accept.

Litigȁ̼̤͑̏̚͝tion – The Black Order’s Ultim̸̨͎̗̘̯̼ͨ̀̔̏͊̌̓͡atum

Tesla, Tẃ̧͎͖̫̺͔̯͕̜̿̄̾͋ͩ͌͢igs, Gunny
Destrier Zeromus Carceval
HOST/Blȁ̼̤͑̏̚͝ck Order
Halifax, Blackhost, G̲ͪ̒̅̍͞o̵̸͎͕̝̠̞͐͊ͥ͆̿ͭ̿͠ḍ̞͖̇̽ͫ͑͐͌̇͆̊h̡̘̫͙ͯ͋ͦ̔͌̿ͩͫȯ̞̮ḿ̟͇̰̈́̀ͤ͑̃͡͠e͍̟͖͔̐ͯ͐͢͟

The Blȁ̼̤͑̏̚͝ck Order appe̢͙̣̟̅̀̉ͦ͊̊̏ar before Tesla, led by Destrie̢͙̣̟̅̀̉ͦ͊̊̏r Zeromus Carceval. They tell Tesla that they are going to take him into custody. He doesn’t re̢͙̣̟̅̀̉ͦ͊̊̏sist. They travel north to Blackhost, where Tesla m͔͍͚̺̒ͦ̑͒̓ͬ͐̓̈́ȩ̴̮̻̩̤̇̓ͧ̈́̔ͯ̍͘ẻ̛̄͏̡̯̙̝t̤͙͖̦̖͙͙ͤ̇ͦ͟͡s̨̙̩̙̞̞̈́̉͆͗ͬ̌́̕ͅ ͌̒̅͌͢҉̡̬̺̦̘̞͕̬w̧̖͚̙̩̼̑̉ͧ͋͌̈́̒̏ĭ̶̛̩͕̞̲ͭ́̀ṱ͓̇ͬ̽̀ḣ̵̪̘̦̠̝̄ͪ͊ ͋ͮͭͯͯ͋̆ͬͤ͏͍̲͎͔̯Ả̢̰̮ͬ̇ͪ̑̏̾͘͢nͧ̿̏ͣ̈̂͡҉̸̯͇k̴̻͇͓̣̥͚̥͕̆̈ͤͥ̑͐̎̕o̝̙̥̹̜̖͂ͣͥ̔͌́͡u̧̢̨̼̬̝̯̪̰ͬͧͦ̐̊ ̵̖̹͙͚̩̞̲ͭ̄͠M̠̩͔̯̾̈̌ò̧̱̮̙̦̦̺̐ͨ̂ͥ̽̀̚͜r͕̹̯͕͍̪̅͟͝r̾ͭͬ̇͌̏̚͏̵͙i̡̼̰ͩ̚g̰ͥ͋̈́̄ͣ͜a̛͉ͫͥ̚͟n͓̗̺̝̯̺̑̌̆̀͒ͯ̂, the Supreme Archon of the Order. She tells him she is aware of the Stormlord Prophecy and offers him an ultimatum: Ľ͉̗̤̻̾͡o̡͔̜̞̼͓̍̐̾̿͢r̝̱͉̱͛͂̉e̸̱̣̲̞̗̗ͯͯ͛ͯ̌͝ͅm̘̳̺ͪ͞ ̛̛̟̰̩̗͚̻̹̞̑ͬ̿͗̐̕ͅï̗̖ͬ̐p̣͚͙̩͉̗̩̪̍̓̌̀͆̈͂s͙͕̠̱̬ͨͫ̊̚u̸̒̿ͩ͐͏̢̬̰̣m͎͔̪͎̲̐́͟͠ ̧̹̜͍̟̮͓ͧ̏͗͋̚d̥͉̦̯̟̘̺ͥͬ̅ͧ̉̓͗͢o̠̱̜̹̲̙̩͇̯ͮ́͋̅l̦͙̘̗̩̩͍̥̄̒̅̇͗ͦ̒̐͡o̽͗͊̽̒͗ͧ҉̞͚̲̮͈̱͖ͅr̆ͪͮ̏͏̣̠̼ ̛̝̹̼͙̳͔̅̚s̠͇̮̝̰̻̻͉ͧ͒̈͊͆i̧̥̣͚̩͖͙̊̋̃̎́̂͞ͅt̰̝̗̖̘̜̞͉̙̅̃̍ͭ́͒̔ ̫͍̓̄̓̕͟͟a̵̸͇ͧ̆͌̅̃͌̓ͩm̤̆̓̂̇ͮ̊ͫ͢ę̠̞͓͖̫̫͈̗͗̿ͧ̈́ͩ̔̏t̷̠̗̪̞͔̃̐ͯ͋ͬ,̡̲͖̣͚̤̰̫͚͍̃ͫ̉ͪ̿ ̩̱̗̃͐̕̕͜c̷̗̳͎͙͇͈̩̬͇ͥ̽͆o̡͎̜͕̣̮͈̔ͩ̔͋n̯̱̔̀ṣ̨̣͖̣͑̋ͫ͑e̞̠̩̭̫̗ͯͩ͒̈́̂̊ͩ͡͝ͅc̢͕͈͖̄̇̌́͞t̰̥͇͉̬̖̻̐̇̿ȩ͖̳̠͉͕͚̏ͧͪt̗̠͈͔̲͗ͧͧ̇̀ů̴̡̪̯̦̤͙̙͔͎̐̀̽̌ͭṛ͈̰͇̭̹̻̘̃̇̌ͪͫ͋͝ ̶̅̊͛̓̐͟͏̜͎͍̣a̟͇̰̩̙͕ͮ́ͥ̿̊̿͑̊̂d̶̻̼̩̘̆͐̏ͧ̃̎͟͜ḭ̛͔͚̪̻̼̖̑̄̽p͚͈͙̱̩̯̥̺̔ͧ͗̒ͯį̸̲̩͙̰͖̜͙̆͒ͭ̏͂̇s̸͈̞̺̤̏͌͋ͤ̅ͨ̕c̨ͣͭ҉͇̺̣̰ị̢̥̬͇̺̈ͪ͑ͨ̀̓̇ͪn̹̝̱͔̜̙̙̈͆̆̌̆g͓̻̱͉̫̭̘̪̳͐ ̛͍͓̰̭̦̯̖͑̏ͅe̯͔͔̫ͮͨ͊͑̀l̬̘̘͙̙̮̳̦̽ͩ́ȉ̼̠͚ͦ͌̀͡t̺͓͙͛̽ͨ͝.̸̨̳̞̗̘̙̽̂́ͯ ̵͈̭̏̒͋͌ͦͦV̯͖͖̽͊̿ͤ̓ỉ͉̽͜vͯ͛ͮ͏̮͖͙͍̗̜̣a̳̲̫̰̖͋̑̋̽͋̄̊̈́͜m͙ͤ̆ͪ́͟ǘ͈ͬͣ̎͜͟s̖̩̼̉͌ͥ́͡͠ ͔͚̟̖͇ͥͧ̑̒ͨ́́͌ͨd̳̥̤̣̩͖̲̫͂ͯ̚i̻̠̯̺̣͙̘̼͋̀͋͆̄͠ǵ͔̻̪̬̙̼̱́͞n̮̩͖̼̲̮̟̩̋̃͐̉ȉ̭̞͉̹̭ͭ̄̄ŝ̵̥̞̯̊̐ͫ͘s̫̜̠͈͚͚͚͓͗́͘ȋ͍̫̖͙m̴͓̟̞̱͎͉̾ͥ̄̆̎ ̯̳̺̮̬̤͇̽ͤͤ͑̔̉̃t͔̝̾͒͟ỉ̩͙̣̩̥̼̮̃̉̄̊͂ͦͬ̈́́ņ͇͕͈̣̺̘̟̃ͬ͋͛c̐ͫ̆ͭ̈́̄͟҉͖͍͚̠͉̤̮̰ḭ͔͔̒̈̇ͣ̀͘d͍̞ͩ̕ų̘̎ͮ͝n̺͎̞̤̖̱͔̅͋́t͐ͩͨ̏ͬ̈̈́̚͢͏̣̣̤͓͍̦̙ ̶͕̩̰͖͖̗͕͂ͩ̀̊̒d̵͕̞̳͇̮ͯ̔ͬú̗̥̼̘̠͇ͫ͐ͧ͊͑̔͘͢ͅͅi͉͉̼̦̲͑̉ ̟̈ͨͧͪ̄̔̆ nͮͭͫ̄̔̀͏̸̼̻o͉̼̖̬̖͉̹̾͆͂n̛̗͍͚͇̝̘̠̳̅ͨͬ̓ ̬͇̪̭͚̹ͪ̈́f̰̞̔͊̃ͪ̉͒̊̃́̕r̶̖͙̬͔̂̓͋͂͌ͫͥ̔ͪĩ̬̎͋n̯͕͋͊̃͊͊͗́͜ġ͔̘͕ͪ̊̈ͬͪ͒̔͢͝i̬̘̱̯̟̥̥͗́̆ͨ͋̿̀͘ḷ̩̻̙͉̀̋ͣ̎̆̊l̡̘̪̤̫ͪ͆͢ą͔̺̠̱̥̝̮̳̍͊͗̉̍̈́͊̿.̡̺̪̼̮ͪ̔͐ ̧̳̠̩̤̹̪͔̆͑

P̢̙̪͕͍̠̼̠̮̋ͯ͊ͧ̀̉̋͊͒͘ͅe͕͇̬̦̜̝͓̦̯͑l͖̗͈͐l̷̷̦̭̗͔͙̙ͤ̏ͪ͛͆̓̓ͦ̚e̞͔̘͖̰̓́́͢ṉ̥͔̐ͣ̓͐͒͟tͭ͒̅̎ͩ͌͋҉̤͚͈͎̩͝ẹ̝̮ͮ̎͆̚ṣ̲͈̤̌ͤͩͭ̚͡q͓̱̯̭͑̈̽̈́͑̓ͅů̸̱͙͇̜̹ͫ͊̚͡ë̦͚̟͎̥͂̀͘ ̶̩͇̺̥ͩ͒̍̇̃h̛̜͎̯͔̫͎̀̈̆ͯ̕͘a̢̯̱̮͕͚͕̹̫̓̈́͑͝ḇ̸̧̘ͭͬ̾̉̍̉͒̚ĩ̭̜̟̹̰̟͆͐̽̃̀͝t͕͍̜͒͌̀̇̔͒͢͡a͉̟̗̮̤͈̳͌̔n̻̟̩̯̳͚͋͗̀̏̂̈́̀̒͟t̢͓̤̟̟̫̪̦ͭͫ̊ͬ̋̚̚̚͢͡ ͎͍̖̤͈̳̿͋̀ͣ̑̿̑m̢̼͉͚͉̻̬̂̕ͅo̘̣͍̤̳̒͆̈͆̍̚͝r̴̙̜͚͚͓̼̙̄̽̋ͧ͂ͥͩ̃͠b̝̘̬̰̩͎͕͖ͫ̄͊̇̃ỉ͖̻̝͉̞͖ͮ̐̒͑̃͆̈́͝ ̷͍͈̳̜̪̣͔̺̰̋̓ͦ̉̚t̯͍͙̠̂̕͢ř̡̖̜̙͔̇̎ͤiͤ̊̓̚҉̨̤͈s̗̫̑͒̅t̬ͤ̄̑̔͂͒ï͛ͮ̓ͬͮ͡͏͔̩̩͈̙̞͙͉̮q̪̞̠͇̏̒ư̩͉̤̥̱̝̍͟e͉͕̦̫̖̜ͫ́ ̩̮̽̓ͦͬ̄̄͐͐́s̱̹̬͔̩̝̦͔̋́ͅe̡̛̤͚̘̳̲ͫ͆̅̄̄͠n̴̯͔̳͈͚̭͇̆ͩê̼̣̝̺͍̇̿̂͡c̷̻̱͇͈̭ͤ̿͑t̶͔̝̼̦̮̎̽̃̓ͫ̉u͍̘̮̜͉̙͍̥̹ͯ̑̑ͯ̈s̸̤͎͓̝̤͐́̉̐̀ͦ̀ ̸̧̞̪ͪͧ͒͑͋̃ͦ͢e̶̡̩̫̬̖̞̣̺̞̦͑͛͌͒͗̚͟ṱ̖̗̲̜͇͇̖ͥͤ̇̒̆ͥ́ ̷̢͚̬̇̽ͮ̇͗̄͐ͯ͞n̶̉̈̄̉͊̽ͭ͠͏̪̭̲͔̗͈͙̝e̳̤̹̰̦̫̩͛̐̀ͣ͆̌ͦͪ͜͝ţ̶̣͔̰̞̰́ͩ̾ȕ̥̗͔̀͞s̵̤̎̍̀͝ ͩ̋̄̏͒̍҉̥̟͜ę̥̠̬̗͙ͧͮ̓͌̆̄̈́͟tͫ̅̽ͧ̒͜͏͍̟͉͕̳ ̝̣̠͖ͬ̇̍ͤ͂̒͐͡m͖̟̬̞̣͒ͩ̓̂a̩͎̳͓ͫ̓̓̓̍̒̓l̞̣̲͔̣̰ͫ̒̈́̀͘̕ȩ͖̇ͣs͎̉̔͌̈́̓̿̅ͯ̊͠ȗ̗̗̣̜̬̫͉͑̎̔̎́͟͞͞a̶̜͉̓̍ͨͨͬ́͘d̵̴̻̬̣̯͓̓͋̿̇̀͛ͦ͋a̺͍̦͍̠̪̠ͫ͞͠ ̪͓̭͎͖̩̯̉f̴̖̞̰̬̣̱̬̫̄̄͛ͭ͛̇̒̚̕͟ȧ̵̦̖̮ͧͧ̎͜͟m̸̠̱̤̫̤̪̠̋̉̈́̀̾͋ͩ̒͑e͚̦͕͇͇̬̝̮̼ͯͧs̵̘̝̫̩̲̱̖̾̄̾͋́̈́ͮ̿ ͚̮͋͒̊̑̀a̼͇̞͇̠̤̗̅͑̌ͦ̽͠ĉ̲͈̘̪͎̰̳̝̹̄́ͬͦ̉ ̶͓͙̱̥͍̙̘͙̣ͦͤͣͧ̓̆̍̚̚̕t̡̢̞̔̈́̊ũ̶̺̥͈͢ͅr͎̭̫̳͆ͥ͊́͊̿̎ͨ̂p̸̩̺͉̗͈̌ͤͮ̈́͋ͭ̓ḯ̸̸̦̦͎͖̠̖͛̉̒̂̃s̷̡͓͖͔͖͊̾̾͂ͮ̿ ͂͂̊̐̃̆̆͋͜͏̧̖̥͍̳e̷̖̩̲̍͒ģ̩͎͍̼̫̱̓̈̽̀ẽ̶̑̋̒̃̈҉̳̯̭̣͔̮̦s̬͙̥̰̳̟̬̓̃͌͂̒̕͟ͅṭ̵̻̩̱͒ͧ̔̔ͦ͆̿a̧̫̞̠͑͑sͮͧ͆̚҉̩̣̙͍̹̣͜.̙͍͙̜͙͈̫̞̂̐̅ ̛͇̜̠̤̟̦̩͋̎ͧͥ͒̆͗͟͝C̢̗͔͇̻̥͓̫̐͊ͧ̌̚͢l̵͙̳͍͚̐͑ͪ́̀͡ȁ̛͔̯͋̆͋͋̀s̗̪͍̊̎ś̵̢̹̘͒̃ͮ̈́ͦ̓̚͟ͅ  ̴̨̳̰͍͎̮͕̐͛ͪ̄͒̈́ͤ̈́a̼ͬͭ̆ͮ̔̒ͧ̈́́͞p̳͖͈͉̏ͨ̅̌̑̎̏́t̸̖͕̮͙̙̬͛ͬ͐̿̆ͦ͘e̷͐̉͊̅̈́̿̕҉̣n̞̮̠̫̙̲͔̻ͧ̿̎̒ͫ̓͂ͤ̒̀͠t̶̖̪̣͗͋͒ͬ͋͐̂ͤ̊ ̤̲͎̲̫̺̱̻̰ͬ͑͜t̑ͩ͏̟̰̘͚̩̖ä̴̻́̄̂͠ͅć̸̺̙̬̳̲͎ͬ̓̆͊ͅi̻͉̻͎̱̩̟͋̾̏̔ͤ͐̂́͜t̶͎̮̺̳ͬ͆̉͊̅̉̃́į̳̳̰͕̹͗͒ͯ̈ͤ̽̄͑͟ ̳͓̖̤͗͛̏̀̀̎ͧ̿̈́s͆͐̆ͤͮ̒͐̓҉̻̰͈̘̲̗̞̭ o͇̱̠̼̮̼̟̮͚ͯ͞c̝̠̤̿ͩ͋̚͘͜͠į̛̞̪̼̳͚̗͊̏͑͒ͩ͌̎̀o̿҉̡̯͖̖̱̻̱s̵͐̔̍͗͑ͫ͒҉͓q̅ͫͯ҉̨̪̭̘͚̦̤u̫̭̮̞ͧͨͮͫ ̷̖̪̃͒́͘å͇̱̫̝ͤ̄ͬ͊͝d́͑͛ͪ̈ͣ̀ͨ͏͕̯̱̤̳̼̫͙ ̶͇͚̠͍̯͓̘̱ͤ̊̈̈̿̈̇̇̀͝l̯̘̥̝̦͙̳̪͂ͤ͠͡i̡̹̟̺̟͕̝͚̩͒ͦ̿͜t͍̭̟̮̿̾̄͛ͫͪ͡ͅơ̵̻͙̙͑̊̑ͤͧ̎r̸̺̠̯͇̪̬̠̜ͫ͆a̰̻͖̭͇̖̺̖ͥ̃ͧ̅͗ͥͭ ̸̷͈̠̆ͣ͜t̥͚̪̯ͣ̏͆o͎̦̼͔ͮͯ͌̇ͥ̌ͨr̻ͦ̅ͪͥ̏̃́͡q̵̞͉̠̱̣̯͉ͮ͗̋͗̃̚u̗̺͕͇̜̳͓̓̓͐͌͆̽͂ͩ̐͟ͅȩ̖̳̼͙̗̼̱͎̙ͧͪ͋ͨͮ̊̅́ṅ͉̺̼̺ͮt̸͈͈͔͔̱̏̿̋̆̔ͤ͢͢ ̪̲̩̮̘͋̋̄p͙̦͇̯̯͕͇̲͙ͤͣͤͤ̾̓ḛ͈̜̝͓ͦ̊̀ͭ͠r̘̮̥̻̝̱̮̩̦ͤ͌̈̅̄ͣͪͥ́̕ ̻̑̿̇ͭ͡c̴̝̪̮͇̹̦ͯ͊ͯͨͯ̽̐̌͝ö̷̜̬̹̞͖͚̰͂̽̅͌ͫ͘n̛̙̼̠ͥ͛̔ṷ͎̟̘ͦͤ̉̔͑ͯ̂b̙͇̫̩̪̼̓̀̀͟ǐ̴̡̤̯͉̲̥̋ͭͫͬ͂͞a̡̱͚̦̟ͭ̈́̋ͬ̒͒̓̂ ̨̝̥̮͎ͬ̆ͮͨ͗ͦ̒̂̊n̶̰̙͉̩͕͈̎͌̀̏ͨ̉͑̄͝o̩̠̔̒̅̊̆͌͂ͭs̿҉̨͓̝̦̺̝̦͘ť̹̗͓̠͈̱͈̫͊̆ͪͫ͜r̷̫͓͇̼̈ͬ̓̽̆̑̀̀̚a̺̲͚̟̺̎̂͊͂̄̋͝ͅ,̩̭͚̤͆ͥͧͧ͗͛͡ ̞͙͇̲͔̭͍̓̔͌͛̓͞p̜̤ͫͮ̒ͤ͆̽͂̀̀ě̢͖̯̰̼̱̰͉̞̠̉͐̍͋̈́̋r̨̗͗͆ͅ ̶̱͚̱̮̰̰̠ͯ͐ͦ̑̐͂ͩ͆ͥ͡i͍̟̮̥̠̦̝̯̪͗ͭ̊͢͡n͚̠͉̼͙̍̈̃̅ͬ̿͞c̡̪̟̼̘͔̫͆̃̕e̳̱̱̳̝̜͈̿͒ͪ͒̿̉̽̕p͍̲̼̣̳̹̆̓̀t͑̾ͦ̔͑̓̎͏҉͚͓̳͈͕͢o̸̼͚͓̫͔̦ͮ͋ͩͤ͂ͯ̆ͯ͌s̻̭̯̠͎͇̤̱̅̄ͥ͢͞͝ ̘̙͕̑͆̋͐̾̿̄h̸̨͚̟̊̓͜į̮̠͙̒m̝͇̖͖ͥͥͦͬ͂̂͒͌̀͡ë̫͉̗́̂̉̿͒̔̀̚n̨̙̳̘̖̬̜͑́͌ͯ̊a̧̪̟̲͓̫̺͗̓̈́̊̄ͥ͂̑ͅe̴̼̯̱̣̞̎̔ͫ͡o̻͙̦̜̬̜͎̾̎͆̒sͧͣ̈ͬ̉ͭ̉͏͎̪̱̭̜͙.̆͐̔ͬ̋ͮͬ̒҉̱̟̝̟̀