Halifax is always cold. It’s known as the Snowy Middle Kingdom. Everyone dresses in those brown-and-white fur parkas. It’s quite an oddity, considering its neighbour kingdom of Sol Invictus is invariably sunny and its southern neighbour Sin usually alternates between swelteringly humid and frosty. It has been speculated that Halifax’s chilly weather is caused by a Frostwind Virago known as the Lady of Winter who was summoned forth by House Aenus to defend against the forces of House Anathema.

A sleepy kingdom, Halifax has often been the site of great battles in the past. The ruins of long-abandoned villages and towns are commonplace, and the scars of battle mar the land. The only permanent city in Halifax is the city of House Snowbourne, whose political immunity and various treatises protect them from invasion by Sol Invictus or Sin.

Society and CultureEdit

Halifax’s people are a simple folk who enjoy the little things in life. Eating, drinking and music with friends – There is no finer time to be had in the eyes of a Halifaxian. However, there also seems to be a growing demand in the comfort industry, as there’s few things that help stave off the cold like a warm bed and someone to share it with.

Noble HousesEdit

House Snowbourne (Hal)
Motto: “We Remain”
House emblem/colour: Owl, Teal
Domains: Defense, Home
The most powerful house in the Middle Kingdom, it has political roots not only in its home country, but in Sin and Sol Invictus as well. They preside over the city of Snowbourne, which was named so in the House’s honour. It is often called the jewel of Halifax, built like a rock to stand against any invasion. Every building is fortified with cemented and nailed granite and broad stone walls circle the city, making it a veritable fortress.