The Durlond tribe are a group of northern warriors. Called “barbarians” by their detractors, the Durlonds live simple lives, protecting the squishy southerners from the monsters of the north. Originating from the fort-city of Heim, the Durlond tribe has scattered villages around Ryedale and Firr. Said to possess the blood of giants, Durlonds possess a strength and endurance that often leaves others wondering just how human they really are.


The Durlond people are humungous, most standing over 6 feet tall. They are typically dark-haired with pale brown skin. Occasionally, a child is born with light- or bluish-grey skin. Most, but not all, of these children develop sorcerous powers and often become village doctors and wise-men. Called Firbolg by the Tribes, superstition holds these children to be blessed by the spirits of the north, and the birth of such a child is often cause for celebration.

Society and CultureEdit

Durlond rulership is determined by who possesses the ancestral sword Balmung. A massive blade of razor-sharp stone bound with the leathers of a great linnorm’s hide, Balmung is far too large to be wielded normally, and as such usually takes a more symbolic role. Only by blood or deed can a current ruler be challenged for ownership of the sword, and it currently lies in the hands of Reel Behirsbane, a Firbolg warrior who single-handedly slew an elder Behir.

Naming ConventionsEdit

Durlond surnames change over the course of their lifetimes. When they are born, they are given a surname depending on their parent's name. [Parent'sname]-son for a boy, or -dotter for a girl. For example, if a man named Gunnar had a son, that childs surname would be Gunnarson. If it was a girl, it would be Gunnarsdotter.

This name is not permanent however, and may change over the course of a Durlond's life depending on his deeds and profession. For example, a Durlond who gains fame by slaying dragons may gain the name Dragonslayer. These names can only be granted by the village elders or the chief of the tribe.


For many years, Durlonds have remained atheistic, preferring to rely on nothing but their own strength. In recent years however, some have come to pay respects to Jakobus thanks to malicite missionaries.

Notable PersonalitiesEdit

  • Reel Behirsbane – Firbolg warrior and acting chief of Heim.
  • Wright Ironsoul - Last chief of the Heim, who was murdered by a passing rogue.
  • Lytril Wrightson – Son of the late chief Wright Ironsoul and heir to the sword Balmung. Currently missing.
  • Totil Holsdotter – Prime huntress of Heim.