Clador is a region in the north-west of Tierra Verde, encompassing the countries of Malus, Godsward and Ryedale as well as Alderlakes, the Lightning Ridge and the Aldlands. It lies north of Aegia and the Scaled Sea, West of Higashi-Rei and the Black Lands, South of the Bifrost and East of the Krakengard.


Sreng, the Heartbeat of Stone, was Clador’s resident monolith in times of old. However, he has disappeared since the dawn of Men. Leading scholars believe he has retreated deep below the surface of Oron, locked in deep slumber.



Malus is the home of the Scion race. A country of rivers and streams, it is known for the quality of its knights and the number of its magical folk. It is the largest contiguous empire in Clador, with all of its kingdoms answering to the Emperor of Malus, Athanasius Faust. A number of non-human races also call Malus home, including Goblins, Alfar and the exiled Syrictae.


The country of Men, it is a realm of honour and war. Fortified cities are ruled over Noble Houses serving the kingdoms of Sin and Sol Invictus who war against each other in calculated battles organized by the Overseers, a guild dedicated to warfare.


A wild country teeming with Fey, Sanhedrin and Men alike make their home here. Mercenary Kings and Bandit Lords battle against wild beasts and each other, searching for untapped resources hidden deep in the territory of savage Fey. To the East lies the lands of the Threllkeld, wild Alfar who make their home in the petrified forests bordering the Black Lands.

The Lightning RidgeEdit

A storm-blasted plateau filled with deep river gorges. A dangerous land that bears home to shambling mounds of animated plant matter and vicious dragons, few who travel here return alive.


A fractured and lake-filled land covered in frosty taiga, Alderlakes is the home of the Aldman Raiders.

The AldlandsEdit

Ancient and primeval forests are the order of the day here. Fey and giant beasts grow in abundance here, and the land seems to have a mind of its own. The three Great Tribes of Clador make their homes here.