A dream.

Vague... Ethereal... A boat...

Following his death, Twigs awakes in Hell on the breaching stones of Acheron's fierce river of the damned. He is collected by a harvester and prepared for transport. Fortune smiles on him as they travel, and the prison wagon containing him is destroyed in an assault from a monstrous worm. Freed, he flees into the expanses of Hell desperately trying to understand what has happened.

After a long while, he arrives at the cliffside town of Preacher's Cove - a sanctuary for lost souls. Here he discovers that souls like himself are sheltered from the fiends and monsters of Hell, so long as they abide by the rules of the Cove's leader - the eponymous Preacher. He meets Joy, an escaped slave/prostitute.

Meanwhile, Katashi has brokered a deal with a Hellbreaker - a person capable of breaching the border between Oron and Hell for passage into and out of Acheron so that he can rescue his beloved lieutenant Akira. He binds his soul to his body and then forfeits his life, awaking in Hell. Here he meets the Hellbreaker's liason, a priest by the name of Preacher.

After a fashion, Twigs goes to the clifftop church to ask Preacher about escaping. As he and Joy arrive at the doors, they overhear a conversation between Katashi and Preacher about his deal with the Hellbreaker. Twigs and Joy enter to strike a deal of their own - They will help him in exchange if takes them with him when he leaves. Katashi agrees.

Their first port-of-call is to be Tantalus' Grove, where they hope to learn the location of Akira's Soul. They never make it. Katashi and Joy are struck down by fierce hell-beasts and twigs flees back to the sanctuary of Preacher's Cove. However, he is betrayed and his soul bartered to Mephistopholes by the black priest.

Meanwhile, Katashi's remains are found by a group of Centaur mercenaries and given to Naberius as tribute. Naberius recognizes the power in Katashi's ragged body and mends him, binding him into servitude. As his task, he assigns Katashi to the crew of the Captain's Rage, along with Prince, Redspear and Mayael serving under the command of Captain James "Grimshaw" Recard.

...will finish later.